Our Company
Established in 2008, HoneyKist Apiaries (HKA) Limited is a Jamaican born family-owned and oriented business that grew from a cottage-industry enterprise and developed based on a belief that the purest and healthiest foods are those which have been provided by Nature. From this belief emerged a true passion and desire to create a line of premium all natural Jamaican products that are not only good, but good for you. With two apiaries located in the... More information
Our Products
Like the finest of champagnes, wines or olive oils; Jamaican honey has an aroma and flavour that is unmatched by any other. Produced by small farmers who are passionate about their bees, this raw natural honey is of a superior quality. Every year we tend to our hives, sustaining them in the dearth period; nurturing them in the flowering season; harvesting the honey at just the right time; never over-reaping and always ensuring the health of our hives...
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Honey benefits
Honey and its natural value-added products can be used to relieve stress, boosts energy, lifts the spirits, and relax the body by calming and soothing the nervous system.  It can settle the stomach, ease headaches and sore throats, and is beneficial for the skin.  When applied externally, it is known to inhibit bacteria growth, help reduce scarring, heal burns, cuts and scrapes and stimulate the growth of new healthy cells.
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