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Share Your Favourite Recipes!

Our Honey Fusions are innovative and made for exploring the farthest realms of your gastronomic experiences!


Calling all fresh, imaginative, passionate and under-the-radar/home-schooled chefs! Embrace A Life Full of FLAVA!  HoneyKist is providing a platform from which you can showcase your culinary flair and talent and share it with not only family & friends, but other Foodies and Enthusiasts like yourselves!  


Using the best from your Country’s, Parish’s, Town’s beautiful fresh local produce; we now CHALLENGE talented “Gourmet Home Chefs” to use our HoneyKist Flavoured Honey Fusions to develop creative and innovative cuisine that they can share through our website with other “Gourmet Home Chefs” like themselves around the world!


With HoneyKist Flavoured Honey Fusions, anyone can cook like a Gourmet Chef!  So go ahead and impress your Family and Friends!  “Gouremtize” your meals using our HoneyKist products! 


HoneyKist is not only giving aspiring “Gourmet Home Chefs” a fun and exciting way to present and share their best and most inspired HoneyKist Honey Fusions Recipes, but in addition, your recipe can now join the ranks of those of the many other chefs out there, which satisfy an ever growing global culture of food enthusiasts.


Every three (3) months, we will post the top three (3) recipes on our HoneyKistJA Facebook and Instagram pages.  Yours could be the one!


Note: All recipes will be vetted for appropriateness prior to posting.  Recipes may have to be edited to fit website format.  Ingredients should clearly indicate the use of any of our HoneyKist Products and be submitted along with a photo of the finished product; including a jar of your favorite HoneyKist product!

HoneyKist Cold Fusion


1 cup Pineapple Juice

1 small Lime, Juiced

1 tsp Green Creme'd mint

1 shot White Rum

Method: Combine the ingredients in a blender with ice; sweeten with HoneyKist Pimento/Allspice or Ginger Fusion (or use Scotch Bonnet Pepper for a touch of heat) and enjoy!

HoneyKist ConFusion Marinade


1 large chopped onion

6-8 cloves of chopped garlic 

1/2 cup fresh thyme chopped

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup lime juice

1/4 cup HoneyKist Flavoured Honey Fusion (your favourite flavour will do nicely!)

Salt and black pepper to taste

Use HoneyKist ConFusion Marinade on any meat (chicken/fish/pork/beef/lamb) or try on tofu. For best results marinate in refrigerator overnight. Cook as usual.

Your HoneyKist Recipe & Photo Here!




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